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To be frank, this is a profoundly pointless – somewhat irresponsible, indulgent, irrevocably sadistic, fraught, smelling of polished antique tables – unforgivable and an evidently futile work. Nevertheless, I refuse to apologise. If this has a point to it, and I am not sure that it does, then it would be to attempt to make some contribution to thought, and hopefully to do so in a way that does not reveal too many of my own grammatical and intellectual flaws. One hopes that this does not appear as a manifesto up its own lubricated backside. However, I shall add one more thing. Although it is constantly repeated that the internet is a tool that increasingly allows one to get their lone voice received by the massed cyberspace crowd, surely it might also be the case that, with all those ejaculating voices, the single voice may be drowned out under the weight of the sheer accumulation. Though I have no hope, or intention, indeed, to clamber up the heap, I also “hope” that I do not get too crushed.

–   Daniel Frampton

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